Bore Sighter FAQ

How do I use a laser bore sighter?

-Directions can be found in the product description here.


I can't see the laser?

-We recommend sighting during dawn or dusk, when ambient light is softer. An indoor range is ideal. You can even start sighting in the longest hallway in your house. We recommend sighting in at 25 yards with the bore sighter, and then doing final adjustments with live ammo at 100 yards.


Do you have 5.56?

- Yes,  use .223. It is the exact same caliber and will fit 5.56.


The caliber I want isn't listed, do you have it in stock?

- At this time we only offer the calibers listed on our product page. We do have 12 and 20 gauge available in our bore sighter collection here.


How long will the batteries last and are they included?

- Batteries are not included at this time. We are currently working on being able to ship them with future orders. Batteries last about 30 minutes in general. We recommend setting everything up first to minimize the amount of time the laser needs to be on. Remove batteries completely when finished to prevent them from draining further.


What type of batteries are used? 

Most bore sighters take 3x LR41 button style batteries. The shotgun variants take 3x of the larger LR44 button style batteries.


When will my order ship out?

-Orders usually ship out in 1-2 business days. Please note orders are not processed on weekends.


What are your shipping times?

-As of January 2021, Aim Right's shipping times are running 14 days on average due to current circumstances. We will continue to monitor average shipping times as volume continues to normalize.