Please check size chart before placing order


Never run out of Power again!

Having your bore sight die in the middle of sighting in? Having trouble finding the right batteries locally? 

Aim Right now offers packs of 20 replacement batteries! 

This 20 pack of batteries ensures you will have light for hours. 

Please see size chart below before placing your order, batteries cannot be returned. 

🔋 High Quality, Stable Voltage & Strong Power Output

🚚 Ships from our US/CA warehouse, Delivery in 3-7 Days

✔️ Order Processed within 24-48 Hours

Shipping & Returns

Shipped from our USA warehouse via USPS. Standard shipping times apply (3 - 7 days). Orders over $30 ship free.

This item cannot be returned. In the unlikely event there is an issue with your order upon arrival, please contact support@aimright.co


How long do batteries last?

Batteries last on average around 20 minutes. Smaller calibers such as pistol rounds that only take 2 batteries will be even less than this due to their size limitations.

How Many Batteries Does my Boresight Take?

All boresights use 3 batteries at a time except for the smaller calibers. The following boresights can only hold 2 batteries at a time: 8MM 9MM .40 .45

My Batteries Are Expiring Soon, Are They Still Good?

Batteries will last many years after their printed expiration date if they are stored in a cool, dry place. 

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