Science and Bore Sight: Better Accuracy

Have you ever wondered why firearm precision is paramount when it comes to shooting?

Achieving accuracy in shooting is not just about skill; it involves the right tools and techniques that ensure each shot is as consistent as the last.

In this blog, we delve into the bore sight - a crucial tool that promises improved shooting accuracy. We'll discuss what it is, its science, and effective techniques.

Bullseye Bore sighters

What is a Bore Sight?

A bore sight is an essential tool for aligning a firearm's optical equipment - such as scopes and sights - with its barrel.

The Science of Bore Sighting

Bore sighting is a method used to align a firearm's precision with its barrel. 

It ensures that the sight alignment matches the bullet's path. This process helps correct any misalignments that can affect accuracy.

Shooters can use a bore sight tool to precisely adjust their optics or sights. They adjust them to a predefined point, usually shown by a laser or a physical guide.

This alignment guarantees that the firearm's aim is true. When fired, the bullet will follow the expected path to the target, greatly reducing errors and improving accuracy.

Bullseye bore sighter with batteries next to it

Effective Bore Sighting Techniques

  • Traditional Methods. These involve manual adjustments and checking alignments through trial and error.

  • Laser Bore Sighters. These devices project a laser dot that indicates the exact point at which the barrel aligns, simplifying the process.

  • Optical Bore Sighters. These tools offer a view through the device to ensure the scope's crosshairs are aligned with a predetermined grid.

  • Magnetic Bore Sighters. These devices attach magnetically to the end of a firearm's barrel, providing an external reference point that aligns with the bore axis. This method is ideal for firearms that internal bore sighters might damage.

  • Collimator Bore Sighters. This type uses a small optical device fitted with grids and reticles. The shooter views through the collimator placed in the gun's muzzle, making adjustments to align the reticles with the firearm's sights.

  • Using Smartphone Apps. Some modern bore sightings include apps that use your smartphone's camera to align your scope. The phone is mounted onto the firearm, and the app displays a target that guides adjustments.

  • Professional Borescope Systems. These systems offer a camera view directly down the bore, showing a live feed of the barrel's condition and alignment. This is particularly useful for detailed inspections and precise alignments in competitive shooting.

Practical Tips for Optimal Firearm Accuracy

To maximize the benefits of using a bore sight:

  • Integrate bore sighting into your regular practice routine.
  • Avoid common mistakes like over-adjusting.
  • Regularly verify the accuracy to maintain alignment and precision.

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Whether you prefer a traditional cartridge or the latest laser bore sight technology, there's a tool to fit your approach to improving shooting accuracy.

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